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Delivery Times

When can you ship my printed fabrics? This is quite a difficult question. Generally you have to plan with a 4 week run.

From mid of december to mid of january and mid of july to mid of august we close production for checks and maintenance.

If you place your order right away and pay directly, we can send your fabrics

o in 7-14 days for Viscose-Elastane Jersey / Viskose-Elasthan Jersey
o 14-20 days for Cotton-Classic / Baumwoll-Klassiker and often Valeria Viskose
o 20 und more working days for Baumwoll-Kettsatin, Viskose Natur, Baumwoll-Seide / Cotton Silk, Halfpanama + Pure Cotton / Reine Baumwolle and all remaining special fabrics.

Our best shipping time were 3 days with lots of luck!

Ask, if you in a hurry when your favourite fabric is going to be printed.

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Sure, working all the time :-)

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Are you still working? Are you able to send fabrics inside Europe or has something been postponed due to Covid-19?