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Delivery Times
How to order preorder fabrics?
How can I create and order my custom fabric covered buttons?

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How big should my print be?
How will my design repeat?
What's the perfect print file to upload?

  • Designing Fabrics

Create Patterns?
How do I create a custom fabric?

  • Stoffe - Jerseys

Mehr zum French Terry (Sweat)
Viskose/Elasthan Jersey (1138)
Viscose/Elastane Jersey
Waffel Jersey / Waffle Knit

  • Stoffe - Baumwoll Standards

Baumwoll-Klassiker - Classic Cotton Sateen
Cotton Sateen / Baumwoll-Kettsatin

  • Stoffe - Baumwolle - Mode & Fashion

Mehr zum Baumwoll-Batist (1180)
Mehr zum Baumwoll Stretch Twill (1235)
Mehr zur Barena Baumwolle (1271)
Mehr zum Baumwoll-Klassiker light (1172)
Oxford Baumwolle - Oxford Cotton
Reine Baumwolle / Pure Cotton
Cotton Silk - Baumwoll-Seide

  • Stoffe - Viskose - Mode & Fashion

Mehr zu Valeria Elasthan
Pure Viscose / Viskose Natur
Javanaise Viscose
Valeria Viscose / Valeria Viskose
Baumwoll Stretch Twill - Cotton Stretch Twill
Crépe Marocain

  • Stoffe - Sonstige - Mode & Fashion

Mehr zum Chiffon (1215)
Mehr zur Georgette (1216)
Mehr zum Saphir (1278)
Mehr zum Smaragd (1277)
Satin light

  • Stoffe - Deko-, Möbel- und Polsterstoffe

Cotton Twill / Baumwoll-Köper
Mehr zum Baumwoll-Feinsatin (1272)
Half Panama Cotton / Halbpanama Baumwolle

  • Stoffe - Vororder

Cotton Jacquard / Baumwoll Jacquard (preorder fabrics)
Woven Viscose / Viskose gewebt (preorder fabrics)
Silk-Cotton / Seiden-Baumwolle (preorder fabrics)
Viscose Twill (preorder fabrics)
Plain Cotton - Baumwolltuch (preorder fabrics)
Cotton Jersey (preorder fabrics)
Viscose-Jersey / Viskosejersey (preorder fabrics)
Baumwollsatin / Cotton Sateen (preorder fabrics)
Georgette (preorder fabrics)

  • Colors and Colorspaces

Does the printed fabric look like the design on my monitor?
What are typical limitations in producing your fabrics?

  • Copyright respects the intellectual property rights of others
If I uploaded a design, is it public to everybody for printing?

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Do I need to have javascript enabled at
How can I enter a stoff-parade = fabric contest?