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That's why we ask you to do the same. So please avoid things like that:

  • Photographs of others are personal property and should be respected like that.

Keine Promifotos ohne Genehmigung

  • Trademark materials are always protected and not allowed to use by others. So do not print Logos of big brands for your own use.

Bekannte Logos großer Marken unterliegen dem Copyright und dürfen nicht einfach abgedruckt werden.

  • Designs which are against the law or have forbidden symbols are not allowed to print commercionally. 


If you upload a design make sure that you are the creator of it or have at least permission to do so. The commercial reproduction of copyrighted, protected, trademarked material is against our legal Terms & Conditions.

For more information you could check at the World Intellectual Property Organization or in Europe at HABM.

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