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How can I create and order my custom fabric covered buttons?

Find great product examples of other handmade lovers!Order your customized fabric buttonsCreate 9 fabric covered buttons with your own design. Perfect match to your favourite fabric.

But crafter can use them also for jewellery or knobs for dolls.

Together with our favourite partner Stoff-Regal we produce these fabric covered buttons in diameter of 11mm, 14mm, 25mm, 30mm or 40mm. Handmade in Germany.




We take best cotton fabric with aluminium button including a brass bail. Order high value cotton covered fabric buttons!The 11/14mm is even more near to the fabric.

Create own buttons

You can use a common design out of your gallery or you chose following templates for download: 

Depending on the size of your buttons you should center your design in the middle of the visible part (sichtbarer Bereich). Please note that we need more fabric around the visible area to produce a "perfekt" knob.

Just center your motives!

Find your perfect motive!


1. You need a good idea. Whether a ring, earrings, brooches, buttons for doll clothes or just fabric covered buttons. The motives and ideas are endless, if you want to have a real unique knob.

Knob by knob. All handmade.

Brams! Our dog.2. We finish your fabric covered buttons by hand right here in Germany. We adjust the motives by eye. Every single button is not like the other but that's the charme of it.

3. You can enjoy your special handmade buttons. See our office dog Brams on the pictures.


The buttons can be washed. Please not more than 40 degrees and take a mild detergent. Thank you.


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