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Create Patterns?

File Formats
What's the best file to upload? For best results, we recommend uploading a JPG or PNG file at 250dpi. ...  

Size Your Pattern
How big should my print be? produces a good quality print at our maximum resolution of 250 DPI...

How will my design repeat? When you upload your design, you can choose to center, mirror... your design...

Does the printed colours look like the patterndesign on my monitor? Sometimes...

Why should I test my patterns before ordering? There are several reasons why you should hold a printed sample in your hand...

Print Preview
The patterndesign you see on each design page is a preview of what you'll receive when you order from Be sure to check it carefully before ordering.

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It's a question of uploading such big files. We handle it via Wetransfer! (JPG; max. 2GB; in 150dpi)

Ordering like this:
1. First upload a small preview image of the huge print design in your gallery.
2. Second order your appropriate fabric, in centered design arrangement and 3 running metres. Please note that not every fabric can be printed until 150cm in width. This varies from 135-145cm.
3. Third give us an order comment with a reference to wetransfer and upcoming original print data via this service.

AFTERWARDS upload your original print data. Write us and include your order number with your upload message -> We will print it right away as sent to us - 1:1.

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I would like to print a photoprint 150 x 300 cm.

Please advise on this.