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Crépe Marocain

Crepe Marocain drucken

Crepe Marocain in Viskose bedruckenFine viscose fashion fabric with special crepe touch. Perfect for blouses, tops and ladies fashion... -> fabric samples.

*MOQ 5m (can be several designs, for example 5 times over one metre)


20x20cm 60x40cm 145cmx50cm 145cmx100cm
3,95€ 14,95€ 28,95€ 37,95€

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Price per metre
from 3m onwards...
Price per metre
from 5m onwards
34,95€ 29,95€

o 100% viscose
o 160g/m² - 5.6oz / square metre 
o 140cm - 55inch wide printable area
o Estimated shrinkage 4% 

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Crepe Marocain in Viskose

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