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Frame your custom printed fabrics by your own!

For photos, cards, pinboards. Buy 2 get 3.A perfect idea for custom portraits on fabrics from your last holidays. A perfect eye-catcher on the wall. For photos from the last vacation, your own portraits over the bed, or as background for pinboard or funny buttons, or great shots of your loved ones. The fabric in the frame is a decorative all-rounder to attract attention.

Simply print favorite motif on fabric and pull himself onto the clamping frame.

More information about materials, ceating your custom fabrics and a small tutorial about framing your fabric.



For photos, cards, pinboards. Buy 2 get 3.

Valuable frame made ​​of 8mm thick beech wood with brass adjusting screw in 12.5 cm, 15.5 cm and 18.5 cm in diameter. In addition of course, you receive your custom printed fabric on our cotton classic.

Create your own designs on cotton fabric

Whether photo, graphic or print ready images from the design gallery, everything can be on fabric. With the fabric designer you can easily create your online directly printable motif for these later frames.

A short guide to frame your fabrics

1st. Loosening the adjusting screw to remove the outer ring.

2nd. Place your fabric in the inner ring.

3rd. Cut the fabric around the inner frame and place it over.

4th. Put the outer clamping ring over it and pull the fabric as you like.

5th. If your motives perfectly placed, just tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

Tip: In addition to clamp farbic you can use tapes toclamp some cards on it.


Stoff gerahmt in Buchenholz, 3-fach verleimt, fein geschliffen, mit Messing-Verstellschraube. 8 mm stark. Durchmesser von 12,5-18,5cm.