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DIY Fabric ♥ Pillow

Fabric heart by your own!Your own designed fabric heart!Not only for Valentine, for birthdays, friends, a marriage, any kind of celebration or just lovely people. Perfect decoration. Handmade from your custom printed fabric.



Printed on our  Cotton Classic inluding wadding.

DIY Fabric Heart

It's up to you if:

  • you create one repeat pattern for the fabric heart or
  • if you create your personoal hearts with this template. Just download it and fill it as you like. 

Und wie gestaltest Du Dein Valentin-Herz?

Geschenkelädchen für handgemachte GeschenkeBehind these products is Ingrid Hoffmann from isoncaDesign. She makes the little pillows by hand for you. So please note that you own absolutely handmade stuff. No fabric heart will look like the other!