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Does the printed fabric look like the design on my monitor?

No, don't trust your monitor :)

We always do our best but however, we are aware that there are limitations in the 1:1 comparison of designs from the screen to the finished fabric. Even with calibrated monitors we've seen always some deviation on natural fibers like cotton. But additionally you have alwas a 3D effect on fabric - it folds and drapes. Totally different worlds. Accordingly, we can't and don't want to take over any guarantee for 100% color accuracy.

You may need to test different saturation levels or modify your design. There's simply no alternative for determining how a design will print than having the design printed!

For those who want to handle this issue with the color, we recommend to print a swatch or quarter of these RGB hex coded colors (for only € 1.95).

Stoff-Design - Farben als Stück-Stoff

Stoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff IStoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff IIStoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff IIIStoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff IVStoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff VStoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff VI  Stoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff VII Stoff-Design - Farben als Test-Stoff VII

Stoff-Design - farbkarte_mia_maigruen.png - von MiaMaigruen auf